Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brunch, Brooklyn & Biochemistry

I'm declaring 2011 as the year of exploration. Let's experiment with foods we haven't eaten before, exercise we haven't done before and adventures we haven't undertaken before. I've committed to going to yoga once a week and so far, I've done it.  Last night, inspired by an article in the WSJ, I made a Kale caesar salad with cajun cashews.  Next weekend, I'll be getting off my Manhattan-butt and making my way over to Brooklyn. And if you're up for an 11am brunch, I'd love you to join me.

The glamorous girls, Nadia and Sara, at Mice at Play are hosting a brunch next Saturday 22nd where I'll be speaking about all those fat fallacies and what we really need to do to lose it.  None of this calorie counting rubbish - it's all to do with your hormones.  We'll be focusing on physiology and how the body works to burn (and store) fat and what you can do about it. We'll be touching on the real way to detox and the pros and cons of a juice detox. We'll finish with a discussion on vitamin and mineral supplementation- what you should be taking, what's a waste of money and what's over-hyped.

If you're hot on this knowledge and just want to join us to be social and for the exquisite brunch, we'll let you in too. Brunch will include a spinach and ricotta frittata, berry parfaits, organic French press coffee and iced hibiscus tea. Tickets are $56 for a non-member and $50 for a Mice at Play member.

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