Friday, February 11, 2011

Busy Woman's Valentine's Dates

In true New York style, you have a rapid succession of  Valentine's dates.  One at 8am, 1pm, 5pm and 9pm. Just enough time to flirt, answer emails, look beautiful and go to the next date.  So where should your dates take you?  All on one street - 18th street.

The morning date: Soul Cycle -  nothing will make you feel sexier than an early morning ride with beautiful people. You'll drip in sweat, burn 600 calories and feel a sense of intimacy with your fellow riders, including your date. If your date lasts the class, he's fit and warrants a second date.

The lunch date: ABC Kitchen - get your sustenance for a potentially steamy Monday. Start with the bling sounding 24 Karot juice, a concoction of freshly pressed carrots, beets, apple, ginger and blue-green algae. It's packed with phytonutrients and B12 and is code for staying power. Order the grass-fed kobe beef burger which is rich in zinc to boost both yours and your date's libido. Just skip the fries and bun so you can keep that lean and lithe body of yours.

The afternoon date: City Bakery - you've sweated and refueled and now for a hint of naughtiness.  City Bakery's hot chocolate.  Made with aerated dark chocolate and cream, it's silky consistency will have you licking your cup (or partner's lips) for more. While restraint and hot dates don't normally go together, display it here by ordering an espresso-sized shot of hot chocolate instead of the regular size.

The dinner date: Pure Food and Wine - neither you nor your date wants to feel stuffed after your evening meal. Skip the de-rigueur Valentine's menu and go to Pure Food and Wine for tasty morsels of aphrodisiac-heightened raw food. Start with smoked-salsify wrapped figs, then sweet corn polenta with eggplant caponata followed by beet and blood orange sorbet. Throw back shots of sake (available on tap), flirt with your date, and blame it on the aphrodisiac power of the figs.

Soul Cycle - 12 E. 18th St, between Fifth & Broadway - 212.208.1300

ABC Kitchen - 35 E. 18th St, between Broadway and Park Ave - 212.475.5829

City Bakery - 3 W. 18th St, between Fifth & Sixth - 212.366.1414

Pure Food and Wine - 54 Irving Place, between 17th & 18th - 212.477.1010

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TT said...

That's a lot of this Supergirl's V-Day? And good luck, getting into Pure. Definitely will need special powers to jump ahead of the 25 couple wait list.